Protein isn’t just for athletes and gym-goers. Protein helps everyone overcome challenges in their everyday lives. So instead of endorsing famous sports champions, we sponsored real everyday people. Then we created an entire OOH campaign around them, treating them just like sports brands would treat the greatest athletes in the world.



After introducing our initial 4 Everyday Champions to the world, we gave everybody else the chance to also become one. We surprised people with a digital board that went from talking to them to featuring them. Afterwards, Amir Kahn (World Champion/Olympic Boxer) presented them with their own poster.

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We also opened up the campaign to anyone who wanted to be featured it, and celebrated them as Everyday Champions on Digital OOH placements around the UK. We then sent them a cool photograph of their ad in-situ, so they could share it on social media.

Agency: CHI&Partners NY 
ECD's: Isaac Silverglate / Jeff Anderson
Photography: Rick Guest
AD's: Chris Dumas / Sean Park
CW's: Nic Bauman / Alejandro Castro