The gig economy is oversaturated with talent. To cut through the clutter, we must practice what we preach as freelance creatives, and sell ourselves like we would our clients’ products/services. So I took a page from the branding books to make myself top of mind when CDs and recruiters need a writer. And bulk-purchased 100+ vanity URLs, all leading to this site. An investment recovered within a day of work on a senior creative’s freelance rate.

The Vanity Vanity URLs.


Launch Stunt.
A music licensing company had recently bragged about spending a bajillion on very expensive OOH ads, hyper-targeting some of the same people I was trying to reach. So to launch this project, I turned my tiny budget into a strength with a little bit of self-deprecating fun.

Vanity Vanity URL Generator.
ALEJANDROCASTRO.COM is too damn hard to remember. I want my own #VanityVanityURL.

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